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Effective Legal Solutions
To Complex Legal Disputes

Guidance On The Probate Process

After losing a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed by all the legal and practical issues – on top of the tremendous grief and loss you may be facing. If you’ve been named executor, you will have questions about what to do and how to fulfill your legal duties. You don’t have to face probate alone.

I have more than four decades of legal experience to help clients with all aspects of the probate process.

What To Expect With Probate

The process generally involves:

  • Verifying that your loved one’s will is valid
  • Appointing an administrator if no will was executed
  • Conducting an inventory and valuation of their assets
  • Paying any debts
  • Distributing the estate in accordance with your loved one’s wishes

Because I also practice extensively in real estate law, I am well-versed in the property issues that often play a central role in probate.

I Will Put Your Considerations First

I will work with you throughout the probate case. You can rely on me to listen to you, address your concerns, answer your questions and provide straightforward, understandable guidance.
For more information, please contact me through the website or call 478-410-7025 to arrange a free initial consultation.